Cloud computing sees substantial growth to aid unified communications

    Unified communications (UC) can include cloud computing technology. Both fields are enjoying substantial growth.

    According to a recently released survey by Gartner, the cloud computing industry will exhibit a growth rate of 19.6 percent in the coming year. The market will reach $109 billion.


    Cloud services are growing within general IT systems, said Ed Anderson, research director at Gartner, when the survey results were released. He went on to say that providers can capitalize on this growth by deeply understanding the technology and its implications.


    According to Business Solutions Magazine, the market for unified communications (UC) is growing rapidly alongside the market for cloud computing. UC includes a number of different components, requiring integration of a number of services and often uses "the cloud," according to the news source.


    The magazine reported that it's difficult to convince clients that UC is the best service for their company. "It’s a big deal to get them to take out their on-premise PBX systems and move to the cloud," Mike Fitz, vice president of wireline at print said, according to Business Solutions Magazine. "You have to get the IT leaders over the hump and convince them that this will not be a career-limiting move."


    Unified communications and cloud technology are both growing rapidly and will continue to be integrated for best practices.



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