Cloud computing, unified communications help companies collaborate

    Businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve employee collaboration and cloud computing is considered one of the most effective solutions available. CloudTweaks' Abdul Salam recently suggested that the cloud has changed the way companies operate, leading to a search for more options, like unified communications, to support this evolution.

    "Thus, the need for hosted unified communications is becoming more apparent to corporate CIOs and IT managers, who are now scrambling to find solutions that fit their organizations, proving that IT executives are now considered as the new enablers of success," Salam explained.


    The writer noted that these technologies are also known as Communciations-as-a-Service. This platform is ideal for organizations looking to improve collaboration and deliver communications via the cloud. However, the process is not without complexities.


    Salam explained that it is difficult for companies to abandon on-premise IT systems altogether, so this is where a hybrid cloud deployment comes into play. With this option, businesses with collaboration tools already in place can still use these technologies while leveraging private and public clouds to ensure security concerns are lessened and controlled by companies themselves.


    "The resulting implementation will most likely be a combination of different products marketed as Unified Communications-as-a-service, but will be deployed across different platforms, including mobile devices, into what is known as mobile collaboration," Salam wrote.


    Businesses view cloud, UC as valuable solutions


    There is no denying the impact of both cloud computing and unified communications among companies searching for options that can change the way they operate. In terms of the technologies' return on investment, the cloud and UC are also beneficial, according to a recent survey of more than 6,100 IT professionals by IT staffing firm TEKsystems and the Loyalty Research Group.


    The survey found that the ROI of cloud computing and unified communications does not take very long, which is something any company can get behind. Fifty-five percent of participants said the cloud's ROI takes less than one year, while 50 percent of respondents answered similarly regarding UC deployments.


    Of those polled, 59 percent believe the ROI value of unified communications is just less than $2 million and 57 percent believe the cloud can achieve this distinction in the same time frame.


    If there is one constant associated with the information technology industry, it is that change is inevitable, but cloud computing and unified communications appear to be valuable resources to help businesses evolve.