Cloud Connect conference focuses on success stories


    At the upcoming 2012 Cloud Connect conference and expo in California, cloud use in business settings will be discussed at length. According to Information Week the featured talks will cover different issues affecting companies when they implement cloud systems, as well as best practices and success stories.


    Various speakers from companies like Cisco, Google, Zynga, LinkedIn and IBM will discuss their company's use of private cloud systems, as well as the benefits of adopting the cloud for managing customer relationship management needs. Cloud computing solutions allow businesses to move not only data but also their communications and support systems to one easily accessible platform, according to the news source.



    Companies can benefit from lessons on how to best move their IT resources to the cloud, as well as learning how these services can improve CRM. According to the news source, one speaker will also discuss the hidden costs for implementing cloud solutions, so that business leaders can be better prepared when switching.