Cloud Connect in Santa Clara: What stood out.

    After spending a day at Cloud Connect in Santa Clara listening to keynotes and walking the show floor two things bubbled to the surface for me. How much the messaging on cloud has converged in the last year. Almost without exception the transition to cloud acknowledged as large progressive change with hybrid cloud playing a major role in enterprise cloud strategies for an extended period of time. How few of the cloud pitches were about creating new value with cloud. Most were “better mouse trap” value propositions. Whether that be the benefits of taking an existing enterprise application and moving it to cloud or replacing an enterprise application with newly minted application engineered for the cloud that value proposition was about doing an existing service differently to accrue cost, capital or flexibility benefits. All good for sure but I was stuck by the dearth of new applications previously unknown to the world that have only now become practical with the emergence of the cloud. Which begs the question – do such applications exist and they are just taking longer to emerge or is the cloud really about better mouse traps?

    Mitel 5360 IP Phones - At Cloud Connect, Santa Clara.

    Mitel 5360 IP Phones – At Cloud Connect, Santa Clara.

    Contact Center Demo
    Contact Center Demo – At Cloud Connect, Santa Clara.



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