Cloud Connect Wrap Up

    Mitel participated in Cloud Connect this week. Based on our partnership with UBM who are working with us on our MiCloud Campaign, we were invited to participate in the 4th Annual Cloud Connect trade show.

    Notable exhibitors include IBM, HP Cloud Services, VMware, Oracle, Citrix, and Cisco… The keynotes touted promise of the cloud over the next 5 years. They did also spell out that there is a disconnect between vendors and customers in the cloud space. Vendors are touting Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and customers want/need ways to grow their top line. Moreover walking around all the exhibitors’ booths, it is very apparent that everyone is to some degree involved in “cloud washing” but nobody’s cloud message stands out. Messages are very inside out and talk about the vendor, cloud delivery, cloud scalability, speed of the cloud and flexibility of the cloud. Nowhere was there a crisp message to show how any vendor enables better productivity or enables growth. This clearly is a challenge we face but it has been useful to talk with vendors, some customers and so called industry pundits about their views and gather some primary research.

    Mitel took to the stage in the keynote speaking sessions. Jim Davies equipped himself well and Mitel along notable brands as GE, PayPal, VMware and Cisco. Stephen Brown in his own inimitable style played to a full house in one, two of his keynotes. Jon Brinton and I had a chance to talk with a number of analysts and our MiCloud story is beginning to resonate, it is simple to tell and compelling. You will be hearing more about this as we move closer to formally launching MiCloud.

    Our objectives for the event were exploratory, it was to learn more about what is taking place in the cloud, see how the big brands position themselves, engage with potential partners, and meet industry analysts.

    Will we attend next year? We will regroup with the team and look at the cost vs. return. I somehow think we will invest in more lucrative and demand generation oriented programs.

    Well worth attending and we also had the chance to strengthen further our growing partnership with UBM.


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