Cloud Contact Centers Increasingly Sought After

    The cloud has had a significant effect on modern business. The ability to easily launch and scale entire telecom networks in a universally accessible way has enabled companies to improve their communications infrastructures in a cost-effective manner. 

    Nowhere have these advantages been felt quite like they have than in the contact center. The incredible benefits that tools like cloud VoIP can provide seem at times to be custom-made for contact centers.

    "The benefits and value of using cloud-based automatic call distributors (ACDs) and dialers are well known," wrote DMG Consulting in a recent report on contact center trends. "They include the ability to acquire a feature-rich contact center solution without making a capital investment, scalability, fully integrated applications, ongoing delivery of innovation and enhancements, simplified disaster recovery and ease of use. Companies of all sizes are realizing these benefits, and it is quickly becoming clear that while these cloud-based offerings are ideal for small and mid-sized businesses, they are also a good option for larger organizations."

    More contact centers are moving over to cloud servers every day because they are starting to see the benefits. According to DMG, this is the reason that the last five years have seen a 44 percent increase contact center seats. Financially, cloud communications are expanding customer service departments without skimping on the additional features.

    Organizations that operate contact centers should adopt cloud unified communications if they have yet to do so. The return on investment and employee innovation that will result makes these systems viable and important to possess.

    Hosted Service Removes Pressure

    One of the biggest obstacles to a cloud deployment is actually getting the cloud off the ground. Not only that, but there is an incredible amount of maintenance involved with keeping these systems running. If tasking the IT department with the development, launch and upkeep of cloud servers, there is a good chance that they might feel overwhelmed. These staff members are incredibly important to the company, but they can be often bogged down with responsibilities that do not properly utilize their talents. 

    This is why hosting has become an incredibly viable cloud communications solution. By bringing in a trained team of professionals to specifically focus on protecting and enabling the systems, IT employees can focus their efforts on how these new assets can be best leveraged around the company. 

    In the contact center, this means a number of things. With such an outrageous amount of data that customer service representatives are required to use, it can be cumbersome trying to manage and organize it all in a streamlined manner. Unified communications endpoints bolstered with call center software can not only combine a series of channels into a singular interface, but it can also provide customer information at a moment's notice. This will allow employees to better serve callers, possibly even reducing the amount of time required for each call.

    Contact Center Employees Need To Be Enabled

    There are certain contact center tools that are starting to become standard issue for representatives, and they are only available through the cloud. All divisions within any given business have, traditionally, been required to use several devices and go through multiple channels in order to perform their jobs.

    In the contact center, this can mean an inordinate amount of time spent switching between machines and programs, sometimes all in the process of the same call - something that can be frustrating to both the employee and the customer. People these days demand reflexive, available assistance from the businesses that they choose to support, and a negative experience with the help desk can sour some people so instantly that their patronage disappears all together.

    Contact centers are often the only part of a company that a customer has for an extended period of time. This essentially makes them the public face of these organizations. Should they feel as though support services are sub-par or that representatives are lacking in compassion, they will likely take their business elsewhere. 

    Representatives Deserve Freedom

    But it's not just about enabling workers to succeed, it is about allowing them to do so on their own terms. Because cloud communications are accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, companies can build distributed workforces with greater ease.

    Additionally, employees can build their work schedules around their personal lives. Sometimes staff members need to stay home, or perhaps they would rather just take a day to fulfill their duties in their pajamas. The cloud has played an important role in the ongoing redefinition of the workplace. For those who have already embraced it, the physical office might already be a thing of the past.

    There are many modern considerations that need to be made for companies that want modern contact centers. Ultimately, they will require the cloud to meet their changing needs. 


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