Cloud Deployments Offer Businesses A Host Of Benefits, Both Expected And Not

    A growing number of businesses are turning to the cloud to realize competitive advantages, but a new study has revealed that many companies are experiencing benefits they never expected to see when they first adopted the technology.

    A recent telecom industry study revealed that 22 percent of enterprise users experienced increased revenues, but that was not one of the benefits they were hoping to realize when deploying the cloud. Another 22 percent reported experiencing greater customer satisfaction and 25 percent said they noticed an improvement in communication within the enterprise despite neither of these results being part of the original plan. 

    In all, 83 percent of survey participants reported realizing benefits they did not expect to encounter. According to Forbes contributor Joe McKendrick, there are a variety of under-the-radar advantages associated with cloud computing that most don't talk about but many experience.

    "These include the ability to duplicate or adopt successful business processes others have hashed out; smoother mergers and acquisitions; and even providing the enterprise a way to segue into the cloud business itself (even if it is a non-tech company)," wrote McKendrick.

    One use of the cloud that provides not only known benefits but unexpected advantages is cloud-based business communication solutions. They offer improved collaboration and internal communication as noted by respondents of the survey, but they also provide dramatic cost savings and increased productivity.

    According to the study, 85 percent of respondents said that the cloud lived up to the hype and another 23 percent said that their company's deployment exceeded expectations. With a growing number of organizations realizing the benefits of cloud computing, it's only a matter of time before those adopters look to add communication features to their infrastructure.