The cloud makes businesses available at all times

    Businesses using cloud computing no longer have to collaborate solely inside the office because workers can communicate anywhere through the internet on multiple devices, opening new possibilities for conferencing projects. CloudTweaks' Kyle Torpey recently explained how the cloud keeps companies operating at all times, no matter where staff members are located.

    "Even when someone is at home cooking dinner, they can write down a good idea that popped into their head and post it to the cloud," Torpey wrote. "Other co-workers may actually contribute their input to that change before the next working day begins. In fact, the whole idea of the working day really goes out the window, because everyone can basically put in their two cents on a project at certain points during the day."


    With this level of freedom available to workers, companies should embrace the cloud and offer staff members the flexibility so many now crave, according to the writer.


    One example of how the cloud is so effective in keeping employees working at all times is through Gmail or Google Docs. Torpey noted that a marketing and development company can have content writers and image designers send documents and other projects using these channels rather than make the trek into the office.


    Companies adopting the cloud for several needs


    A survey of nearly 800 IT experts, cloud users and service providers by venture capital firm North Bridge Venture Partners found that organizations are leveraging the cloud to satisfy a number of operational requirements.


    The poll found that half of respondents believe the technology can support mission-critical applications. Almost 60 percent of those surveyed said their organizations believe the cloud's scalability is the solution's most attractive benefit, while 54 percent named improved agility.


    The type of cloud deployments varies, according to North Bridge. Forty percent of participants indicated launching public clouds, while 36 percent answered similarly regarding hybrid models. In five years, the use of hybrid solutions is projected to exceed 50 percent.


    North Bridge partner Michael Skok noted that the survey results reiterate the growing optimism surrounding cloud computing. As a result, IT decision-makers are trusting the technology more than ever for supporting needs such as ecommerce and other applications.


    Cloud computing is expected to usher in a new era of collaboration, allowing organizations of all sizes to upgrade IT infrastructures like never before.



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