Cloud making gains in unified communications sector

    Cloud-based systems for unified communications are becoming more popular, led by increased cloud web conferencing investments by businesses. According to a recent study from Synergy Systems, a partner of Telegeography, the market for web conferencing systems rose 21 percent year-over-year during the third-quarter of 2011.

    To a great extent, this growth can be attributed to companies turning to the cloud for this unified communications service. The study found that approximately 80 percent of web conferencing revenues during the third quarter were gained in the Software-as-a-Service deployment sector.

    This spending gain in cloud web conferencing systems led to significant revenues in the market. According to the study, the SaaS-based web conferencing sector has now reached spending levels of more than $400 million during each of the past three quarters.

    Synergy Systems found that North America remains the largest contributor to the web conferencing sector, but revenues are slowly stabilizing in the region as other parts of the world increase adoption.

    Web conferencing is emerging as a key function of unified communications technology because it allows organizations to use their business phone systems to participate in web-based meetings with partners, colleagues and clients. The investment often delivers a substantial return by saving businesses from travel costs.

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