The cloud may be the best option for unified communications deployment

    As unified communications solutions become more popular, one of the biggest decisions that a business must face is whether to deploy a UC system in on-site or as a cloud-based model. According to FierceEnterpriseCommunications, many companies are looking for a solution that will not tie up their own resources, instead relying on a hosted PBX and VoIP system.

    Hosted UC products allow a company to take advantage of all of the benefits integrated communication tools bring without the headaches and costs associated with operating and managing that system itself. According to IT New Africa, choosing a cloud-based solution allows a business to start using UC immediately without worrying about setup and installation, reduces administrative overhead, helps to consolidate telecom bills, and allows for easier upgrades in the future. Benefits commonly associated with UC, such as cost efficiency, productivity increases and improved collaboration quality, are all still present in cloud-based options as well.


    A company that chooses an on-premise UC solution has to deal with controlling its telecommunication network itself, paying more for upgrading and maintaining that system and employing highly trained IT professionals to oversee the network.


    One of the most important aspects of a cloud-based UC system for a business to remember is that the entire system is managed by the vendor, which while making the solution hassle free, also removes some control. In order to overcome this potential problem, a company must explore different vendor options, choosing the solution that best fits not only the technological needs, but also the ideology of the business.


    When selecting a cloud communications system, whether it's hosted VoIP or video conferencing, many vendors offer a variety of choices. The three distinct aspects to explore are security, customizability and support. Some options provide for the ability to pick and choose features, improving the adaptability of the product to the buyer's specific needs. However, these solutions may be lacking in support or security. By choosing the best balance between the three, a business will not only pick the best option for its needs, but also get the most for its investment.



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