Cloud PBX changing the landscape of telephony sector

    Business phone solutions are moving to the cloud so quickly that many experts wonder if the traditional, premise-based PBX system will last for much longer. While this question is legitimate, a recent TelecomReseller report explained it misses the point somewhat.

    According to the news source, the key is not to look at how the cloud is is making the traditional PBX unnecessary, but why.

    Firstly, the report noted that some premise-based PBX architectures will never fade completely, as many businesses will want to retain the communications system because it is critical for them.

    However, many organizations will focus on best-of-bread telephony, which will push them towards cloud PBX and other innovative solutions that are capable of meeting their specific needs. This could combine with a general trend toward adopting the cloud to bring a significant number of organizations into the cloud computing movement.

    Cloud PBX architectures offer significant benefits to businesses, with scalability chief among them. The capacity to seamlessly add or subtract users based on changing needs makes the cloud noteworthy among business phone service options.

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