Cloud PBX market growth demanding attention from researchers

    The market for cloud PBX systems has grown so quickly that it is drawing significant attention from researchers and industry analysts in South Africa, IT News Africa recently reported.

    While the report addresses increasing demand for cloud PBX in South Africa, the trends that are driving service expansion in the nation are also creating growth around the rest of the world. This growth is so substantial that South African research organization BMI-TechKnowledge is working to revise its analysis for the coming year.

    This shift in research tactics comes in response to the rapidly rising popularity of cloud PBX on a global scale. Essentially, the report said the technology has gone beyond the early adopter stage and entered into mainstream IT practice. As a result, major research organizations can no longer accurately portray the PBX industry without incorporating the effect of the cloud.

    South Africa is not alone in this trend toward cloud PBX technology. Turning to the cloud for telephony systems creates advantages in terms of disaster recovery, operational flexibility, availability and cost-effectiveness. These benefits have been recognized throughout the world, and are driving widespread cloud PBX deployment.

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