It might be 20 degrees below freezing outside in Toronto, but there was a lot of hot stuff being shown at the annual Know Your Alternatives conference.

ShoreTel is a top sponsor of this conference, which focuses on educating customers about the alternatives to their legacy PBXs, such as Nortel and Mitel PBXs that may not have the same level of support as in previous years.

Pej Roshan presented an educational session on how to migrate from legacy PBXs with PBX-agnostic mobility applications, such as ShoreTel Mobility which works with Nortel, Cisco, Mitel and other SIP supported systems. Harvey Cohen, of the Winnipeg Convention Center, who recently implemented the ShoreTel Mobility solution on their Mitel PBX, joined Pej in the discussion.

It was a pleasure visiting my hometown and hearing a ShoreTel customers describe how our solution helps him stay connected in his 100,000+ft2 complex. Harvey commented on how they don't have any immediate plans to replace their Mitel, but having the ShoreTel Mobility work on any PBX they could change to in the future is the ideal approach.

I also was included on a panel discussion of Cool Technologies, where I demonstrated the dual persona capabilities of our mobility solutions. It's like having two phones in one. I call one person and my personal caller ID appears; I call another and my ShoreTel Sunnyvale caller ID appears.

I placed a third call to ShoreTel customer Boston Pizza for takeout for the plane flight home. We were able to share a few glass of wine at the reception, and show our full range of new collaboration and mobility solutions in our booth. Android and iPhones are really popular in Canada – with the most popular devices supported by ShoreTel Mobility.


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