Cloud servers lead to unified communications

    The opportunities that come with using the cloud are not limited to storage anymore. The development of cloud servers has introduced companies to an innovative way of managing business.

    According to a recent survey conducted by IBM, global executives recognize that the cloud can be used for non-IT related tasks, including meeting customers' changing needs and adjusting to market demands. Experts agree that businesses should utilize this tool to increase productivity among employees. The cloud can even reduce company time spent conducting business through VoIP services.


    The survey indicated that flexible costs and speed are among the reasons that adopting the cloud can lead to company innovation. Connectivity to employees and partners is an important factor that attracts business owners as well. Using a cloud service can reduce the risk of a failure or a disturbance while making phone calls. In a recent Google study, 96 percent of CFOs feel that "cloud computing provides their business with quantifiable benefits." This evolving tool can improve unified communications and help small businesses make the best use of their time.


    Many companies have already adopted the trend. Small business owners who have yet to experience the benefits of a cloud service should consider the transition if they want to stay ahead in their industries.



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