The Cloud: A solution for dissatisfied IT Directors

    After reading the recent Forbes article on the 10 most hated jobs, I wasn't surprised to see that IT Directors, more than any other position, hate their jobs.

    Please. Of course they do. With shrinking budgets, demanding business users, and conflicting requirements, I'd be discontent too.  If only there was something that IT managers and business users could agree on - a doctrine for a way of doing business that allowed their company to focus on core competencies while outsourcing their headaches to other companies  that specialize in those areas.   It needs a lofty name, though -- something that conjures up heavenly images of peace and tranquility. Ether? Elysium? No, wait - I've got it - the Cloud.

    Yes, friends, this holds a lot of promise.  I often hear from our customers' IT directors that  outsourcing their phone systems to the Cloud was the one thing everyone at their company could agree on.

    I love my job for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because I get to help folks that otherwise might hate their jobs if it weren't for our phone-system-in-the-Cloud service.  They come to us despondent about ancient hardware and hated phone companies, aching from the burden of requests from their call center managers, longing for an expert in this strange stuff to come to their rescue.  When we're able to further manage everything for them - the installation, configuration, end user support, carrier services, integration of their communications data with their business data, and so much more - it puts us just about as far from this job-hating list as you could imagine.

    See our recent blog Attention IT Directors: Top 10 reasons to move your phones to the cloud, for more information on how a phone system in the cloud can help your department and your business.