Cloud telephony plans offer businesses many benefits

    Turning to the cloud for unified communications, PBX solutions or hosted VoIP can give organizations access to sophisticated communications infrastructure. In many cases, these technologies would be too expensive for businesses without the cloud, as the capital costs would be too high. A recent Brunei FM report said cloud business phone solutions give organizations access to robust capabilities at a reachable price.

    The advanced routing capability is one of the benefits of cloud telephony. The news source explained that inbound routing solutions, which are difficult to setup in normal business phone plans, are much easier to establish when working in the cloud. This allows all incoming calls to come to a single number, where they can then be sent to the correct destination.

    Cloud telephony plans also make it easier to integrate the phone system with customer relationship management platforms. The report said this lets businesses automatically identify and record numbers from incoming calls and streamline contact gathering.

    Using the cloud in the contact center is especially beneficial for businesses with tight budgets. Since the hardware is purchased and managed by the third-party vendor, it is far less expensive to invest in robust telephony solutions when working in the cloud.

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