Cloud UC: The Easiest Way To Enable Telecommuting

    What is the office? Traditionally, people have viewed work as a place that they go to. But modern technology is beginning to challenge the idea of the office as a fixed location, causing people to start viewing work as a task rather than a destination.

    While it has been possible for people to conduct their work remotely in the past, doing so has not been a widely-available option in many instances. But all that was before the cloud and mobile devices became as prevalent as they are today. People have used these tools in their personal endeavors with great success, and they expect the places where they work to recognize their skills with these assets.

    "You want your employees to be happy, and in many cases telecommuting can help with that," wrote TMCnet contributor Drew Hendricks. "It's a dream come true for many people, whether they need a little flexibility for family commitments, are facing a long commute or would just rather work in pajama bottoms all day (and that doesn't impact their work quality). If you can dish up more happiness, save everyone time and still benefit from the same - or higher - quality work, why not?"

    The workforce has spoken, and it wants mobility. This is something that needs to be embraced rather than glossed over. What defines successful productivity is changing, and enterprises have to recognize how best to support evolving professionals. One of the most important aspects of this is making sure that communications networks are available in the cloud. Increasingly, it is being realized that hosted cloud UC is the easiest way to make this happen.

    Not All Legacy Systems Still Viable

    There are plenty of office phone networks that were designed to last for years to come. In those situations, legacy systems may end up being a key part of unified communication deployments. But for those organizations that see end of life for their telecom hardware in the near future - or are experiencing it right now - it is being realized that seeking out another physical system is not going to be the wisest choice. The problem with operating that much hardware for telecom purposes in-house is that it is much more difficult to upgrade and repair. Software-defined assets, on the other hand, are much more flexible. 

    As such, more companies are moving away from the notion of pure landline and on-premises connectivity and instead turning to hosted cloud solutions. Not only is this a fast-paced way to support the modern needs of employees, but it can help to remove some of the stress from the shoulders of in-house IT workers. According to InformationWeek contributor Sarah Lahav, there has been concern that outsourcing of this caliber is actually killing IT jobs within organizations. But with the structure of internal tech departments in a state of evolution, those able and willing to adapt are finding that their skills are best leveraged elsewhere without worrying about basic system maintenance.

    "More recently, cloud computing was touted as the 'corporate IT killer,'" Lahev wrote. "The cloud can hurt as well as help corporate IT organizations, but both private and public (and hybrid) cloud scenarios still play a critical role for internal IT. So far, we've seen that, despite all the scary talk about shadow IT, the cloud has been beneficial to internal IT teams overall. So another meteor scare passes corporate IT by."

    Having all the help an organization can get is important. Tech-related demands are increasing - and their nature is changing as well. It will be critical to do what's best for the company in the long run and to focus on how fast it can reasonably be achieved. As more businesses adapt to new telecom solutions and encourage their staffers to work remotely, the pressure will only increase for offices that have not done so for themselves.

    Telecommuting Increases Employee Satisfaction

    Of course, not everyone is the same. While there are some people who crave the daily routine of the traditional office, there are others who focus better in their own element. Additionally, a number of younger professionals are starting to desire a more equal balance between their work and home lives. One of the most effective ways to give everyone what they want is through hosted cloud communications. Staffers get more autonomy over their schedules and the company gets the satisfaction of stronger output from their employees.

    "There are numerous studies which show that the happier your employees are, the more productive they are," Hendricks stated. "What entrepreneur wouldn't benefit from that? Of course, telecommuting isn't the only way to up the happiness factor, but it can be a big one. Get on the fast track to boss of the year while enjoying maximized productivity to boot."

    When explained in this way, the arguments against cloud communications begin to dwindle. These kinds of initiatives can help to improve daily life for everyone involved. The culture of work is not the same as it once was. The important thing is no longer to have a long career, but to find one that will permit a professional to live their lives outside of the office. Jobs are considered by many these days to be more of a means to an end than anything else, and failing to acknowledge this may drive staffers to competing organizations with more appealing infrastructures. In order to make sure that top talent sticks around the company and feels supported in their shifting requirements, it will be important for some enterprises to pursue hosted cloud UC. 

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