Cloud VoIP Is An Enterprise Necessity

    Having location and device-agnostic access to mission-critical information and resources allows organizations the world over to streamline their daily tasks and improve overall productivity. As more companies find and are able to demonstrate success from the cloud, their competitors are beginning to take notice and in turn seek out the same kind of operational efficiencies.

    According to Forbes contributor Erin Richey, the last five years have been very good to cloud assets. A growing number of companies are finding that they have to have them in order to stay relevant. One of the most popular ways to do this comes in the form of cloud VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol technology has increased in use significantly since its arrival in the early '90s.

    The explosion of mobile devices that has occurred within the last decade has fueled a ever-greater need for tools that can be leveraged over data connections rather than telephone landlines, according to Transparency Market Research.

    "The global VoIP service market is basically driven by rising demand for mobile communication services, technological development in the area of network infrastructures and high performance ratio," the firm stated in a release. "Other factors like diversification of telecommunication service providers to VoIP services, and the trend of bring your own device in corporate consumer segment also drive this market."

    The time for cloud-ready mobile voice is now. Businesses have to make sure that their communications systems have the kind of agility and flexibility that is essential for modern organizations. The only way to do this is to make sure that the cloud is part of the equation.

    VoIP And Cloud Markets Steadily Growing

    IndustryARC believes that while organizations initially sought out cloud technology for things like improved data utilization, they found other tasks like communication to be popular ways of accessing its benefits - the most popular of which is cost cutting. Cloud services help to eliminate certain financial aspects of operating an enterprise, such as having to procure and maintain on-premises telecom infrastructure.

    Cloud, VoIP Assets Have Overcome Stigmas

    People are generally wary of new technology. As such, VoIP and the cloud have both had to work against what was previously the status quo. Presently, the companies that do invest in these tools have found that many of the fears commonly perpetuated are totally unfounded.

    "Cloud computing has become a new fixture in the enterprise IT landscape," stated ITProPortal. "Just a few years ago, you might have described cloud-based IT services as unstable or insecure - a playground for startups or non-critical business applications. Today, these services meet the speed and capability requirements of large businesses and enterprise IT organizations."

    This means that there is little standing in the way of cloud VoIP becoming universal in the enterprise. As more professionals begin to require the ability to work outside of the office, it will be especially important to disregard unfair stigmas in the interest of maximizing employee satisfaction.

    The Remote Workforce Is A Reality

    One of the biggest catalysts for change in the enterprise has undoubtedly been the ongoing consumerization of IT. Smartphones have gone from being frivolous to pervasively common in both personal and professional settings. As people have universally gotten better at operating and using their new mobile tools to improve just about all elements of their lives, they have begun to expect that their employers start to modernize the systems to help them meet their workplace goals.

    The workforce of today looks much different than the one of 10 or even five years ago. Productivity is no longer dependent on someone's physical location, and the office is no longer the only place where people have what they need to perform efficiently. Consumer devices are incredibly powerful, but only if they are supported by enterprise-grade solutions. Supplying staffers with cloud communications is an ideal means of accomplishing this.

    Today's employees - namely those of the millennial generation - are seeking a greater balance between their private and professional lives. This is because of the personal successes they are experiencing with consumer tools. They do not see working from home as a means of relaxing, but rather one of efficiency. Not having to commute every day can save time and cut down on stress that ultimately hinders productivity.

    According to TechRepublic contributor Nick Hardiman, a good deal of the business world has already come to accept some degree of regular telecommuting. This trend is expected to continue in significant ways.

    "The remote work revolution has been rumbling across industries for years now, and it isn't over yet. Flexible working is a done deal, but remote working continues to spread," Hardiman wrote. "Expect more staff to disappear from the old cube farm as more staff convince their bosses to let them work from home."

    VoIP And The Cloud Are Modern Essentials

    It is no longer just enough to have a landline office phone system and related legacy on-premises equipment. Companies need to either update their infrastructure or seek out hosted VoIP for their employees. A growing number of organizations are finding that the latter option is easier to implement. This is thanks to the removal of costs associated with procuring and maintaining the hardware required for VoIP to exist in the cloud.

    Consumer technology is evolving in major ways, and more workers are starting to realize that communications are easier and more intuitive in IP settings. As such, organizations will need to make new kinds of investments in order to best enable modern professionals. If they do not feel supported in the right ways, then they may take their talents to organizations that will help them to better balance their personal lives and their business careers.

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