This week, here at the mothership in Sunnyvale, the Product Management team got together for a series of meetings. We discussed a lot, brainstormed, worked on roadmaps… all those things that us PMs do when we are locked in a room with Post-It notes.

But it wasn’t all work and no play. The team went to see the San Francisco Giants and the Miami Marlins take the field at AT&T Park.

Your friendly Product Management Team

What makes the event special is the Giants and the Marlins are both ShoreTel customers. That’s right, baseball fans, no matter which team won, ShoreTel was going to cheer the winner. (To be fair though, we were in San Francisco so we took the “when in Rome” approached and were cheering slightly more for the Giants.)

Norm was without a doubt the most prepared as we left for the game. He was wearing his Giants jersey that sported the ShoreTel name.

Not to be outdone – because I don’t like to be outdone – I soon joined Norm.

Truth be told, baseball is one of my two “passion” sports (Formula One being the other) and I’m pretty serious about taking in the National Past Time every opportunity I get. So imagine my delight when I found myself setting next to Peter – our International PM from Australia - who peppered me throughout the evening with questions about how the game was played, the meaning of the stats, etc. I loved sharing my passion for the game with someone who I have spent more time talking about “Footy” (that’s Rugby to those reading in the U.S. – like ShoreTel customer Melbourne Football Club) than anything else when it came to sports.

It also reminded me of how far ShoreTel has come along with our solutions. Here we have two respected Major League Baseball teams that deployed ShoreTel technologies to meet their communication needs. And with other professional franchises in the MLB considering us and other professional sports teams already customers (such as the NHL’s St. Louis Blues and Buffalo Sabres) we have a strong pedigree in solving communication needs for sports at the highest levels.

At the end of the evening the Giants ended up losing to the Marlins 3-2 in 10 innings. It was a great game with plenty of ups-and-downs throughout. The team had fun and although we were all a bit tired the next day, were glad to see two ShoreTel “teams” in action.

ShoreTel is Brilliantly Simple. And Sporty! Oh, and the peanuts and garlic fries were AWESOME!

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