Cloud VoIP solutions can be just as secure as premise-based solutions

    Many companies that have explored cloud-based communications service have questioned the security of such systems. However, as more shift toward the cloud for not only communications but data services as well, these concerns are proving to be unwarranted.

    Recently, Dana Gardner of IT-Director discussed these concerns with Glenn West, a leading expert in data center and converged infrastructure. According to West, the push to the cloud will be inevitable as business practices begin to evolve. IT departments will no longer wonder about whether or not the cloud is secure enough for implementation, but how best to deploy necessary solutions in it.

    West states that as businesses change, IT departments will be pressured to find the most flexible and affordable solutions for data, PBX and other technology services. The cloud provides these benefits, as well as support for more advanced tools like unified communications and video.

    "Cloud means going to a more service-driven model," West told the news source. "It's scalable and it's elastic."

    Cloud VoIP also provides for mobility, a fast-rising trend that many businesses are adopting in order to support bring-your-own-device and teleworking options that professionals demand.

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