From the moment we are born mobility holds the allure of freedom.

Whether it’s holding up our head to see the world around us, toddling toward discoveries beyond the baby gate, or standing arm outstretched as you wait for Dad to drop the car keys in your hand for the very first time – each milestone of mobility creates the potential for adventure. 

The workplace has followed suit. You constantly hear the refrain that gone are the days of a single destination required for work. We have all joined the ranks of workers on the move – business is occurring 24/7 around the world – in part enabled by enterprise mobility.

That made us a little curious. So we asked, “Where is the most unconventional place you’ve ever taken a work call?”

The number one answer was the bathroom. Based on personal experience, I think it’s safe to say the vast majority of us are guilty of this or at least a witness to it. One person described her experience in detail of how she needed to crawl up on the toilet and lean toward the window to get that all-important coverage bar. Thanks to ShoreTel Mobility, we won’t have to duck into the bathroom to take a call because it’s the only place in the building with reception.

Remember when a business trip meant you were completely unreachable on travel days? Not anymore. Public transportation was a very popular response to our question. Many people have sat in the airport making conference calls. Said one, “The airport; may not be unconventional but there are numerous times I wish I had access to the company directory while taking a business call there.” And some people have even taken advantage of ShoreTel Mobility to make that call in the air at 35,000 feet.

Water was another very popular locale with a large number of people connecting with the office from the beach or boat. One person noted that she’d taken a business call from the middle of the Irish Sea – talk about “always on” in an “out of office” world.

Several people took calls at the doctor’s office. This doesn’t seem that unusual considering how long we often have to wait, but then we heard the story about one person taking a conference call in the Labor and Delivery unit of the hospital while his wife gave birth. Another answered his manager’s call in the midst of a hernia exam. (We do not recommend either of the aforementioned examples.)

The rapid influx of technology into our lives has set us on the road (no pun intended) of increased mobility thanks to our mobile devices. People take business calls from just about anywhere these days. Other examples of unconventional places included:

  • Church
  • Bike
  • Freeway
  • While riding a roller coaster
  • Car dealership
  • Kids birthday party. Chuck E Cheese!
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • On a Ski lift in Kuprun, Austria
  • On the Inca Trail in Peru. Bit surprising as I'd left the company too!
  • On the slopes of Breckenridge while snowboarding
  • Hockey rink
  • Top of Ayres Rock, Australia
  • Standing on the roof of a skyscraper
  • Himalayas

Despite the variety of location, there was one overarching message taken from our informal little survey: “I can't imagine any place that I would consider unconventional anymore. However, I do consider some places entirely inappropriate and rude.”

Do any of the answers really surprise you? What would you add?

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