How the San Diego Padres Are Leading the MLB to the Cloud
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How the San Diego Padres Are Leading the MLB to the Cloud

2016 is a big year for the San Diego Padres. The professional Major League Baseball (MLB) team’s season is underway as its home stadium, Petco Park, prepares to host the 87th annual MLB All-Star Game. Behind the scenes, the Padres have completely overhauled the technology powering its fan experience and are proudly setting the standard for the rest of the league.

Staying connected, anywhere in the world

At its core, the Padres are a team on the move. Playing 162 games each year, the Padres travel across the continent from April to October—but the players aren’t the only road warriors. Inside the Padres organization is a network of world travelers, including scouts that travel internationally in search of top talent, and frequent visitors to remote sites, like the spring training complex in Arizona. Recognizing the importance of keeping all members of the club connected anywhere in the world, the Padres saw a critical need for mobility.

Changing customer expectations

Mobility didn’t only impact internal operations. The Padres noticed a new era of technology shaping its fan experience and a need to communicate with customers in a personalized way on the platforms of their choice.

What’s more, when applying to host the All-Star Game, the Padres were faced with a set of technology requirements they would have to meet in order to be granted the prestigious honor. Key requirements included the flexibility to scale quickly and the agility to respond to changing requirements on the fly.

“As an organization, we had outgrown our previous [communications] system,” explains Ray Chan, Director of Information Technology at the Padres. “We required greater agility and a system that could provide the right amount of capacity.”

Time for a technology overhaul

Evaluating their infrastructure and future needs, the Padres sought to replace their existing system and limit onsite equipment and maintenance. The Padres evaluated several major communications providers before ultimately choosing Mitel, with Ray citing Mitel’s expertise in providing the best path to the cloud as a major factor in his decision.

“Mitel’s cloud solution gives us all the bells and whistles without having to maintain the infrastructure on site. The enterprise mobility aspect is equally important because it opens up a different avenue of communications that can allow our business to operate more efficiently and successfully.”

“We’ve become a lot more mobile overnight by switching to Mitel,” says Ray. Scouts, remote workers, and other road warriors are now kept connected with a full set of collaboration and real-time communications tools directly on their smartphones, giving them an in-office experience no matter where they are in the world.

The Padres can also quickly and easily scale their communications as needed—overcoming a major limitation of their outdated premises-based system.

“This will be instrumental in hosting the All-Star Game because we can easily expand our communications across the ballpark in seconds and guarantee a seamless experience,” said Ray.

“Since implementing mobile collaboration, our road warriors now have the same, consistent experience across all devices. Whether they’re on the road or in the office, it’s one and the same.”—Ray Chan, Director of Information Technology

Redesigning the call center for personalized customer experiences

Thanks to CRM integration, callers into the Padres’ call center are always routed to the correct representative for a consistent customer experience. Call center agents have customer information at their fingertips in order to deliver informed, personalized interactions. To ensure optimal productivity and customer service, management can easily report on call center activity, measure performance, and identify coaching opportunities or areas for improvement.  

Leading the cloud charge in the MLB

As trailblazers in the area of cloud communications, the Padres are no longer burdened with concerns of redundancy, maintenance and downtime.

“To have a partner that would be able to support my environment was really important to me,” explains Ray. “Mitel was a perfect fit for this organization.”

On top of a worry-free mind, Ray says his department saw significant annual cost savings in the ballpark as a result of moving their communications to the cloud with Mitel.

With other MLB teams paying close attention to the Padres’ lead, it’s safe to say they’ve knocked this one out of the park.


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