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Mitel Next Recap: MiTeam and MiCloud Application Integration

One big change for businesses today is the millennial employee. In the United States, one in three employees is a millennial. Also referred to as Generation Y, millennials represent 33 percent of the world’s population and by 2020, will represent 50 percent of the workforce. This is the first generation of digital natives—employees that grew up with the Internet and that start and end their days with their mobile devices in hand. To help better support the millennial workforce, we recently announced MiTeam and MiCloud application integrations at Mitel Next in San Diego.

In his presentation, Jon Brinton, EVP and President of Mitel's Cloud Division, talked about seamlessly integrating cloud-based platforms and real-time communications. Brinton discussed three types of worker segments including the service, knowledge and information workers. Twenty percent of the workforce is made up of knowledge workers—those whose expertise is largely built around compiling, interpreting and acting on data or knowledge. For the knowledge worker, we have launched MiTeam.

With MiTeam, teams can connect and collaborate through real-time voice and video meetings, instant chat sessions, manage to-do lists, screen sharing and creating customized work streams for sharing, editing and annotating documents directly within one application. MiTeam is a mobile-first tool built to drive team and social collaboration. It integrates with your key business applications while removing silos and resulting in 40% less emails. The cloud version even allows participation both inside and outside your organization.

Another worker segment Brinton talked about was the information worker. Now representing 35 percent of the workforce, an information worker is a person who uses information to assist in making decisions or taking actions, or a person who creates information that informs the decisions or actions of others. The information worker spends most of their day using applications like O365, Google Apps, SFDC, NetSuite, and SugarCRM and other vertical specialty cloud apps for HR, Finance, marketing, etc.

MiCloud, our market-leading cloud communications solution portfolio, now natively intersects with more than 15 leading cloud-based CRM platforms along with productivity applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. In addition, MiCloud also integrates into key cloud-based application environments for HR and recruiting, dealer and franchise management, financial management and more.

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