Committed to Satisfaction

    ShoreTel has been extremely successful providing customers a great experience as we continue to receive accolades in the market place about how our customers are raving fans.

    Our goal for satisfied customers is not limited to our on-premise business but it also extends to our cloud business, ShoreTel Sky. Over the last couple of months, we’ve made significant progress in expanding our customer experience foundation to leverage Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology with ShoreTel Sky customers. It will take a full quarter to collect enough statistically relevant data points before we can start our reporting so stay tuned for ShoreTel Sky results.

    ShoreTel’s on-premise business achieved an NPS of 62 for the 1st half FY13, a slight jump over FY12.  This continued world class NPS attainment is proof of the company’s dedication to our customers and partners. Partner NPS stayed at a steady score of 62.  This strong score by our reseller partners reiterates how ShoreTel and the partner community complement each other not just with a strong go-to market but also with the end-to-end customer experience.

    The strongest correlations to achieving a high NPS continues to be Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Timeliness of Resolving Issues.  Two new data points indicate ShoreTel and our reseller partners are building long term trusted relationships, and are doing a better job communicating and managing the customer relationships over time:

    1. NPS gap shrinking between “new” customers and “Install base” customers, those that have been with ShoreTel for over one year
    2. Repeat respondents over the last two years have shown an increase in NPS

    ShoreTel continues to design our business with the customer in mind. I will continue to post our NPS performance, keeping you informed of our progress.

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