Communications Continuity a Key Theme at Apple WWDC

    Monday morning kicked off the week with many huddled around their computer to take in Apple’s 25th Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – watching the live streaming with rapt attention toward what software updates would be announced.

    ShoreTel has long been aware that businesses are shifting to a world where hardware isn't as relevant (although Apple will surely convince us otherwise with an announcement of new hardware later this summer); it's about user experience. This is in part due to the multitude of options and devices available to both consume and create content.

    And with the WWDC announcements, Apple demonstrated their continued excellence in the field of beautifully simple and streamlined communication abilities. “We believe you should be able to use the right device at the moment, but the transitions between these moments should be natural and seamless,” noted Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering.

    The major theme emerging from WWDC 14 is “Continuity,” which mirrors ShoreTel’s focus on further enabling the devices employees already use and love in the manner in how they choose.

    AirDrop, which was previously available only between OS X or iOS individually, is now compatible between the two ecosystems. Additionally, “Handoff” allows users to begin a program on one device and transition to another nearby system. For example, someone could begin typing an email on their iPhone and then hand it off to their MacBook to complete the message.

    OS Yosemite, as the new system is named, also contains enhanced syncing between iMessage and SMS texts that would otherwise only appear in an iPhone Messages app – or “the green bubble people” as Federighi called them during the keynote.

    Integration between iPhone and desktop (or laptop) also includes the new ability to make phone calls from the computer – essentially turning the computer into a speakerphone. Additionally, as long as the phone is within Wi-Fi proximity, the iPhone will notify a user’s computer of an incoming call that can be dealt with directly from the desktop.

    Some may consider unified communications to be an industry buzzword, but with the influx of technological innovation, there is no question that the business of enabling communications is mission-critical. We are always looking forward to the future to see where it can take us.

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