Communications infrastructure upgrades need to deal with data

    Call centers and business units alike are struggling to handle the rapid influx of data being created by consumers using social media and mobile devices to communicate with organizations, a recent Opus Research study found.

    In response, companies need to seriously consider upgrading their communications and network infrastructure in an effort to handle the rising quantities of consumer data that they must take in and use. According to Dan Miller, senior analyst for Opus Research, many C-Level executives are beginning to understand the operational side of consumer-created data, but struggling to handle the infrastructure.

    "[C-Level executives] are familiar with social CRM and ‘Big Data,’ yet many are only beginning to craft a strategy for staffing and investing in IT infrastructure to closely link personal information, network data and metadata to offer better customer service," said Miller.

    Upgrading telephony infrastructure can be key to handling this need. Implementing unified communications systems can give call center representatives access to the voice, video and data-based solutions they need to deal with incoming content from a diverse range of consumer endpoints.

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