Companies across America benefit from contact center management strategy

    Companies are turning to new technology as they seek to improve their contact centers. Contact centers handle the bulk of a company's customer service by fielding calls, emails and general inquiries from clients.

    Teleflora has become one of the largest online florist networks, offering same-day delivery of flowers at an affordable price. The company paid attention to developments in customer management strategies, understanding the need for an updated call center.


    Teleflora recently underwent a contact center certification program to learn about and make room for new technology. The program focused on customer relationship management (CRM), customer support strategy and ways to improve communication.


    The certification is geared to team leaders, customer support professionals, CIOs and senior level VPs and directors, according to the program website.


    "We were trying to bring our customer access strategy to the 21st century, so the idea of how customers could interact with our contact center was going through a transition," said Amas Tenumah, Teleflora's vice president of operations.


    Tenumah also reported that Teleflora had customers in mind all along. The contact center immediately started to see positive results. She was pleased that the new technology included such features as chat and social media.


    According to Teleflora's website, customers can download a free app called "Love Notes" that will help with the writing of notes and cards, offering customers support where they need it. The app promises to "fine-tune your tone from silly to serious, sweet to sexy or even from street to Shakespeare." The app also offers potential discounts.


    But Teleflora is not the only company looking to benefit from new contact center management strategies. DaVita, a provider of kidney care services for those with chronic kidney disease, has opened a new contact center in Colorado.


    DaVita provides support to dialysis centers across the country. Its new contact center will field calls from patients who need to connect with doctors, hospitals and family members. The company seeks to link patients in need with dialysis centers.


    Not only will the contact center serve patients in the U.S., but it has also brought jobs to the area.


    "Our main focus continues to be hiring teammates who will help thousands of kidney care patients with their day to day needs at home, and while they’re traveling," said Jim Keicher, DaVita vice president of IT.


    Companies across America are using new technologies to increase levels of customer care with the hope of satisfying clients.



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