Companies can improve operational efficiency with contact centers

    The modern contact center is considered by many leading industry experts to be a bona fide solution for organizations searching for ways to reduce operational expenses. Omer Minkara, research analyst for the Aberdeen Group, recently published a report, called Contact Center Analytics: How the Best-in-Class Reduce Operational Costs through Contact Center Data, detailing such benefits.

    The author explained that companies with successful contact centers can reduce operational spending by 16.5 percent annually, as well as improve customer communication.


    "Ensuring consistent customer satisfaction requires contact centers to build an effective infrastructure that allows them to engage each customer in a personalized and efficient manner," Minkara said. "Use of analytical tools and processes is a key enabler helping companies identify and address inefficiencies related to their front-office and back-office operations."


    Several IT trends are impacting contact centers, especially CRM applications, according to a recent study conducted by market research firm IDC. The report said that the global CRM market grew more than 11 percent in 2011 compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, use of contact center apps grew by several percentage points during this same time.



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