Companies deploying VoIP and UC solutions

    Enterprises looking to improve communication are beginning to turn to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), unified communications (UC), customer relationship management (CRM) and other technologically advanced options to ensure that employees can interact with clients and one another through multiple channels. VoIP, in particular, can be integrated into existing solutions, allowing users to expand their communication capabilities, often through their own devices.

    According to Resource Nation, VoIP can improve business operations in surprising ways. The news source reported that a premium VoIP service can provide data recovery services in case of emergency, allow callers to use one number for multiple phones, including mobile devices and access statistics detailing call behavior. These benefits make VoIP an attractive option for business executives and IT decision-makers looking to enhance communications.

    VoIP systems aid in recovery

    Resource Nation reported that disaster recovery is a good reason to implement hosted VoIP. Although disaster recovery is not often regarded as the technology's primary benefit, VoIP allows users to transfer calls to mobile devices or laptops in case of emergency. Additionally, if user information, history and other data is hosted in the cloud, then it is always available from any device. Employees don't have to come into the office to work. Even if the office space is compromised in an emergency situation, calls, voice mail and other types of communication will not be lost.

    The news source also reported that VoIP services can automatically record call statistics. This can help managers assess the output of their sales teams, as well as the call volume and amount of time agents and representatives spend on the phone. It can also help managers assess how UC solutions are affecting ROI.

    VoIP's effect on ROI

    Many business executives are concerned with their company's return on investment (ROI) when they choose to deploy UC and VoIP phone services. According to Network Computing, many leaders are striving to assess the ROI on UC integration, which is actually very difficult to analyze.

    Integrating voice, video, email, text and customer service tools can provide greater collaboration, but it's sometimes necessary to closely examine and analyze how these processes directly affect business operations. If leaders can pinpoint areas that specifically need greater efficiency in communication, they may see more ROI from implementations. The news source reported that many UC vendors are providing case studies to demonstrate how IT decision-makers can better UC to offer greater ROI.

    VoIP systems are being implemented at record speed as businesses attempt to use advanced communication strategies to remain competitive. Implementing VoIP in contact centers can aid sales teams, customer service representatives and others who find themselves constantly communicating. VoIP can help communicators in a number of departments, offering disaster relief, advanced features and call statistics that can improve ROI and communication structures within an enterprise.

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