Before companies integrate VoIP, IT departments should test service

    The telephone is one of the most widely-used forms of communication to conduct business calls. But as traditional phone systems remain static while other technologies evolve their voice quality and connections, many are turning to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for an improved experience.

    VoIP is becoming the standard phone service as many companies now expect to have this system installed into their business infrastructures. The beneficial technology is aimed to improve business efficiency and the quality of conference calls, which can help an organization run effectively. It is also a cost-effective tool which features a variety of applications, like instant messaging and video conferencing.

    According to Resource Nation, business owners are not the only ones integrating VoIP to improve phone calls. Local government agencies have been switching from traditional phone systems because of the benefits that go along with using a phone service hosted in the cloud. The U.S. government, however, has been slower to adopt the technology.

    Some local departments' transitions to VoIP systems is the result of a petition that a leading phone carrier brought to the attention of the Federal Communications Commission in the beginning of 2012. The petition asked to move toward a "National Broadband Plan" because older technology will not be helpful to companies in the future, which is why incorporating VoIP is essential.

    Conducting tests for success

    Although VoIP is a solution that experts urge companies to invest in, it is the responsibility of IT departments to ensure that a new phone system is ready to employ. Companies should therefore perform tests to determine the advantages of a particular service, according to Channel Partners' Tara Van Unen.

    IT staffs should also perform assessments on the abilities of a VoIP vendor before merging the communication channel into a business structure. During this analysis, a professional should verify if a phone works with both new and existing equipment, preview how a call sounds to the end user and create new policies.

    According to Unen, thoroughly assessing a phone system can make a transition more successful and could lead to fewer problems in the future.

    Whether using a computer, a special phone or an application on a mobile device, VoIP can lower costs and increase productivity, which is why it is a perfect small business solution.

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