Companies question who owns data created by cloud VoIP

    A business that adopts a cloud phone system needs to examine a variety of different aspects of the solution it chooses. Beyond cost and benefits like increased productivity and efficiency, customer satisfaction and bonuses for employees like teleworking, a company has to consider security and reliability before deploying a cloud-based communications network. However, another aspect also requires careful consideration - ownership of data in the cloud.

    According to Business 2 Community, this is one of the top questions companies looking into cloud options ask today. However, the answer is simple - if a business deploys a service to a cloud network that it created, such as a custom unified communications solution, it retains all copyright legality. The only controversial issue remains with data created within the cloud.

    Due to differing international laws, ownership of data like files from call recording or email saved in the cloud, could be dependant on where the cloud is located. Countries like China have vastly different copyright laws than the United States, for example.

    In order to operate the safest cloud-based system with full ownership, a company has to make sure that the cloud system it chooses is located in a country whose copyright laws match the business' needs.