Companies shouldn't ignore unified communications, expert says

    The information technology industry has continued to undergo many changes, and experts have suggested that unified communications will be one of the most significant solutions moving forward. CRM Buyer's Denis Pombriant recently highlighted why UC is expected to reshape the IT market as more organizations look to upgrade their communication capabilities.

    The writer suggested that many companies are ignoring unified communications, but they should take a harder look at the technology.


    "You've heard me rant about unified communications before, and I will continue because it's infinitely easier to rant than to build software," Pombriant explained. "I'm used to it. I spent years talking about social before it took off, and I figure we're three to five years away from taking unified communications seriously."


    Although some organizations are not paying a lot of attention to unified communications, many businesses believe the technology is a valuable asset. A managed service provider recently surveyed 100 IT decision-makers and found that more than 50 percent named UC as the most beneficial solution to improve their agility, compared to 23 percent and 13 percent who cited cloud computing and virtualization, respectively.



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