Companies upgrading phone systems should ask vendors several questions

    When businesses make IT purchases, one mistake can significantly harm their bottom lines. This is especially true for a business phone system. Compare Business Products recently released a whitepaper offering advice for organizations considering purchasing new phone systems from vendors.

    "After you define your phone system needs and then describe them to a vendor, ask the sales rep to relay those needs back to you so you know you're on the same page," the study said. "This question may seem obvious, but just in case - you want to make sure the sales rep clearly understands your specific phone system needs so they can make sure they’ll meet them."

    Compare Business Products also encouraged small businesses to ask potential service providers whether similar companies are currently using such phone systems to try and determine if others have found success with those particular packages.

    Since many small businesses are looking to expand their operations, companies should ask vendors whether their phone systems are scalable and can grow. Another important consideration for organizations are phone system features and the related costs of adding new functionality, according to the report.

    Modern solutions providers are not relegated to one area of the globe, but it is still crucial for clients to ask companies where their data centers are located. If vendors do not have a sufficient supply, speed and efficiency can be disrupted, according to Compare Business Products.

    "You may be researching a few different vendors, so be sure to ask the sales rep to tell you why their system is better, more cost effective, more suitable for your needs, etc," the study said. "Sales reps are probably more familiar with competing products than you are, so allow them highlight their system's advantages."

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