After the Dashboard has been installed and configured, a user with administrative privileges can quickly design and publish the Dashboard in an intuitive manner.

If your Windows user ID has been granted CCAD administrative rights, after login you will see a link Show Shared View on the top of the CCAD Wb page.

You can then click that link to enter into the “shared view.” In this view, you can design the “shared” CCAD Web page and publish it to all users.

 Click the Add Reports link. It will show a catalog of available real time reports:

Click the checkbox for a report to add it to a particular zone of the Dashboard Web page. For example, you can add a Group Agents Report to the first zone of the page:

The report will then be added to the selected zone of the page:

Similarly, you can add the Group Report to the second zone:

After adding a report, it needs to be configured. The configuration options differ based on the type of report.

The Group Agents Report needs to be configured with a list of groups. The agents active in any of those groups will be displayed. Click Choose Groups… to select those CC groups from which agents should be shown. A list of available groups will be shown and by default all group names will be checked:

Check the group names from which agents should be shown and press OK.

Click Choose columns to select which information items need to be visible regarding an agent.

Select the desired columns and press OK.

The Group Report shows statistics of a chosen Contact Center group. Click Configure Group… and a list of currently available CC groups will be shown:

Select the desired group and press OK. This report has panels for different statistics pertaining to a group. Click Configure Panels… to view the available panels.

Check the panels you want to be visible on the report and press OK.

After configuring (or reconfiguring) the reports, click Publish to publish the Dashboard for all users.

You will be asked to confirm first as it will override any layout changes previously configured by all users. If publishing is successful, a confirmation message will be shown.

The CCAD Web page on all users’ browsers will pick up the updated dashboard almost immediately after publishing.

Switch back to the user view by clicking the toggle link Show User View.

You will then see the Dashboard as all users will see it.

Congratulations, with these simple and quick steps, you have designed and published the CCAD Web page for all users!

In the next installment, we will look at advanced configuration of restricting only specific windows user groups to see a particular report.

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