Congratulations San Francisco Giants!

    ShoreTel is pleased to congratulate our very own customer, the San Francisco Giants, for a historic victory in the 2010 World Series.

    When SF Giant CIO Bill Schlough eloquently stated that the Giants’ ShoreTel IP phone system saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year—enough to put a new player on the field—who knew that just a year later they'd be winning the world series with rookies like Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner.

    We’re both proud and thrilled to have helped the Giants deliver such a fantastic experience to their fans this season.

    From helping them maintain a safe environment with their in-park emergency response solution to making it easy for players to order pizza in the dugout at the bottom of the 7th, it’s all about creating an exceptional experience for the fans.

    Just like ShoreTel is all about creating a world-class experience for its growing list of raving fans, too.

    But it's also about the victory. Congratulations to the entire team for knocking it out of the park this year.

    Go Giants!

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