Connected on Father’s Day

    Father’s Day is a chance to take stock of the pleasures received from family life and affection. For my three children and I, technology adventures play a major role in those remembrances.

    When my children were toddlers, spending a day at home with the kids was a challenge.

    On a working day, shuttling three little kids to and from T-ball, swimming, dance and the like taxed me to the max.  I could use my cell phone (pre-iPhone) to participate in scratchy conference calls while at a playground or rush to find a coffee shop with WiFi and set up my computer, but my productivity was curtailed.

    More recently, with ShoreTel Mobility, I can work almost anywhere with an iPhone or iPad. I can write, send and receive corporate emails, documents, and instant messages, read visual voice mail, and with ShoreTel Conferencing, participate in conferences and share documents.

    Now, waiting for my daughter’s crew practice to end, I can stay completely connected to work.

    This Father’s Day looks like it will be an easy day.

    My 16-year-old daughter may be in her bedroom with a laptop watching downloadable movies; her 14-year-old sister may be in the kitchen with her iMac doing homework; and my son, 12, may be in the living room playing games on an iPhone. I might be next to my son using my iPhone to write and send some messages and scan my email. We may also be watching a game on TV.

    We’ll all be connected.

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