Conquer the Holiday Season with UCaaS customer experience

Conquer the Holiday Season with UCaaS

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October 05, 2022

Don’t look now, but the holiday shopping season is approaching. That means your business should already be ramping up to prepare for the busiest time of the year.

In today’s business climate, where companies are in intense competition for talent, keeping your employees happy — especially during peak times — is paramount. Happy employees lead to satisfied customers.

One way to ensure your employees stay engaged and positive is to simplify everyday and essential tasks. Using a more effective universal communications platform, you can make the day-to-day tasks of staying in touch, remaining informed, and making connections easier for your employees. RingCentral MVP, the market’s leading cloud-based communications platform, is the best way to keep your staff connected and productive.

Keep Business Moving from Anywhere 

Communications platforms aren’t just for office-based workers. “Deskless” employees like retail staff and managers must also stay in touch. They also need up-to-the-minute information on logistics, scheduling, policy changes, remote and mobile teams, and seasonal promotions.

With a unified and mobile platform like RingCentral MVP, your employees can access their email, files, workplace chat, and video conferencing no matter where they are for synchronous and asynchronous communication. Your managers can coordinate promotions in any location with ease. Your merchandisers can contact warehouses with a single click to check inventory availability. And your customer service reps can answer customer questions, fulfill orders, and address issues seamlessly.

Better Customer Experience 

A unified platform like RingCentral MVP can also power an improved customer experience. Give your employees the ability to provide customers with a frictionless service and support experience through phone calls and instant messaging. Shorten response times on support tickets to get your customers the answers they need faster. In a world where customers spend less time in stores than ever, you want to optimize your company’s shopping experience and make the process as positive and frictionless as possible.

If your staff is equipped with the tools they need to solve problems for shoppers in real-time, your business will thrive even in hectic times.

Keep Talent on Your Side 

The battle for talented workers is more intense than ever. Retaining your top performers should be your business’ top priority. Retail companies must endure high turnover rates even at the best of times. Providing easy-to-use tools that employees need to get their work done faster and more effectively is one sure way to get the upper hand in the competition for skilled employees.

Creating a positive work environment is key to attracting and keeping top talent. If your staff can spend less time dealing with frustrating technology, they’re happy to spend more time on turning shoppers into loyal, repeat customers.

Upgrade Your UCaaS in Time for the Holidays  

Unified communications and collaboration platform is the foundation for keeping your business moving, making customers happy, and retaining your best employees this holiday season.

Make your holiday season successful with the latest UCaaS capabilities, tools, and support to make migration a breeze and financial incentives for an even sweeter experience. 

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