Consider Support When Shopping for a New Business Phone System

    Lots of vendors install your phone system and then pull a disappearing act—or if they don’t, they stick around to charge you service fees for every little question you have. If you’re in the market for a new system, be sure to ask vendors these important questions:

    • Is there a warranty on the hardware? Some companies provide no warranty while others offer a one-year warranty on hardware, while others offer an extended warranty for an additional fee. Consider your options carefully.
    • Do you offer technical support and provide repairs after installation? Some vendors offer these services while others expect your IT department to provide support to employees and refer customers to other companies for repairs.
    • How exactly do I receive technical support? Is it a hotline with a voicemail at the end or a real person that’s dedicated to servicing your account?
    • Is there a charge for technical support? For companies that offer it, there may be a fee associated with every service visit or repair that’s required. Over time, those fees can really add up.
    • Can I contact other businesses that have purchased a similar system? Talk to a real person (don’t rely on hand-picked website testimonials) who will speak candidly about their experience with the system, the vendor and the service they received.

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