Consumer VoIP Platforms Not Secure For Enterprises

    While people have been significantly empowered by their mobile devices, new skill sets among the average professional have created complications in the workplace. It is easier -- and more affordable -- than ever to obtain software that empowers modern communications, but the origins of these consumer applications are more often than not very suspect.

    Smartphone users are likely to download a platform with no knowledge of its origins, who designed it or what security measures it has in place. Those who use these free consumer apps are likely putting their company's data at risk, not to mention failing to leverage programs with the kinds of features that businesses need.

    According to TMCnet Web editor Rory Thompson, using free tools that are available to anyone can cause significant problems. Organizations need to have mobile VoIP solutions in place that help professionals connect in effective ways. This means businesses should be investing in enterprise-grade communications tools that are properly equipped and well protected.

    Mitigating Risk Is Critical

    Since any number of things that can go wrong in a company without warning it is important to make sure every possible variable is covered. Part of this comes from overseeing the kinds of apps that employees use, and providing them with effective solutions that meet changing needs.

    "There are many mobile apps with innocent capabilities that attract users, such as using the camera flash as a flashlight, but include undocumented features that could serve malicious purposes," Flexera Software VP Maureen Polte said in an interview with TechRepublic. "Corporate IT doesn't have the same insight into and control over such mobile application behaviors as they've had with traditional corporate managed desktop applications."

    This is why organizations must select an official mobile VoIP system for the entire company. Communication tools have access to some very sensitive information, and understanding the design behind the solution will help keep corporate communications secure and contained.

    Unity Must Be Considered

    If allowed to choose their own solutions, employees are likely to lead to the development of a disjointed office. Different platforms and devices will create disparity and work against the unity that mobile VoIP apps ought to -- and have to -- facilitate. In order for businesses to unlock the next level of remote collaboration among their staffers, it will be vital to sanction and deploy a mobile VoIP system that everyone finds equally powerful.


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