Contact center experience should revolve around the customer, not the product

    Keeping the customer satisfied has always been the No. 1 goal of the call center. However, according to 1to1 Media, some companies prioritize poorly. While some consumers feel that the support they receive is too focused on the product, and not on their needs, other customers see an improvement in companies' focus on successful call resolution, despite increasing expectations from the caller.

    The need to maintain or reduce the cost of contact center operations matches the need for high quality customer service. According to the news source, some companies struggle to find engaged and motivated agents. Employee performance is one of the keys to ensuring customer satisfaction, so by increasing the call center professional's job satisfaction, the company can improve customer service and sales overall.


    One way to improve employee satisfaction is a shift to a hosted phone system. A cloud-based communications solution can increase productivity with higher quality technology, as well as increased opportunities for employees to work from home - a benefit directly linked to higher job satisfaction and worker retention.



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