Contact center growth results in the potential for further change

    Contact centers are the beacons of customer service and support. In the technological age of abundant information, customers expectations are getting higher and higher, forcing businesses to adjust their contact centers accordingly.

    In order for customer service to remain competitive, contact centers are expected to offer phone, email, video and mobile support, according to 1to1 Media.


    Not only that, but contact centers will need to be careful about new hires. Because so much of customer support is about customer relationship management (CRM), it's essential to have able and understanding agents answering inquiries and speaking to concerned clients. Contact center agents may require flexibility, reported the news source.


    A recent survey by Ovum showed that home agents may come into vogue.


    "Since its inception, outsourced home agents have garnered a strong reputation for providing end users with robust customer experience, one that ideally drives repeat business and referrals," said Peter Ryan, leader of an Ovum IT services team.


    According to 1to1 Media, businesses will need to make sure they are utilizing innovation in their contact centers, as customer service is becoming an essential part of client satisfaction.