Contact Center Interaction Reports

    Here is another interesting case of our Professional Services group building new applications leveraging an existing ShoreTel Contact Center feature.

    Contact Center can be configured to enable a database event stream known as the Contact Center Interaction Reports (CCIR). The CCIR database contains many inter-related tables representing all kinds of call and agent events. The database schema itself is available from ShoreTel but it is generally up to the customer to mine the data they need.

    Realizing a simpler view of the CCIR data would be beneficial, our Professional Services developers created a service that continuously transforms the CCIR data into a flat, single-table, database, one row per phone call.

    True, it does not contain every bit of information in the CCIR database, but it is much simpler to understand and meets the needs of most customers. It is almost like a CDR table for CC calls.

    Additionally, our Professional Services team created a Web application to easily view the transformed database in a Web page. The application has a settings page that allows users to filter the data by date and time and even create expressions to further refine the view of the call data. It can even show the related call connection records that are linked to the ShoreTel CDR database.

    To further explore these and other enhanced or custom applications, contact ShoreTel Professional Services at or +1 800-425-9385 x3331.

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