Contact Center Tutorial: Workgroup & Huntgroup Reporting in ECC

    Imagine if you will:  a complex business environment where commerce and public facing tasks rightly take place in a fully-fledged ECC where simpler tasks are handled by Huntgroup or WG equipped users. Reporting “out of the box” is separate as we know, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least count the WG calls and see them within ECC? If you’ve made it this far into the article you realize we’re not going to let you down, right?

    The overarching theme in ECC is flexibility. So let’s build our AA for routing as we normally do, but what we’ll do here before we route the call to the WG/HG Route Point is to let ECC “intercept” and count the requests then transfer the calls to the proper WG/HG Route Point via scripting. And once again we will use IVR Application and Call Profile tagging to capture passes through the script. Elapsed time is milliseconds at zero hard cost although you might wish to add IVR ports if the WG/HGs in question are very busy. Here’s what it might look like:

    Main Number=222-333-4444 with AA offering option “Press 1 for WG XYZ” is presented.

    WG XYZ RP is set to 8000. ECC RP to capture WG/HG data is set to 9000 so we aim this call to RP 9000 where a script that looks like the following is utilized:


    We can count how many calls that went to a particular WG easily enough but wait, there’s more. This now means I can see the CCIV Caller Line ID and Name as well as what WG they were routed to by virtue of the script and Application Name. “WG Xfer” is not as effective as “Password WG” or “Operators HG” or the like. Reporting is only as clear as the descriptions of the data. Here are some reporting examples:


    CCIV includes Caller Line ID information, duration of the call, the ability to “listen” to the call in the ST Recorder and with the pop-up WG Agent Name:


    This becomes very handy all of a sudden to start collecting data in ECC. Other ideas along this line would be to move “Automated Attendant “messaging into ECC should the need be there to collect data on the choices and present in Real Time as IVR Applications be there.

    Readers of this blog might remember that we also spoke about holiday scripts ( recently. Does it make sense to pass WG/HG requests into a script that looks at opening/closing/day/date information? It very well might. Copy the script elements that you wish to use, paste them into your new script and simply re-aim “Branch to Script” to the new script that we built above. Flexibility wins again!

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