Contact center use of social media can be confusing but beneficial

    A recent report by Frost & Sullivan states that social media can provide a number of benefits to a contact center, if the business is able to overcome a few challenges.

    Many contact centers are adopting unified communications for the productivity and efficiency benefits that the solutions offer for customer support through numerous mediums rather than telephone alone. Social media integration is just the newest trend in this frequently evolving service. However, sites like Twitter and Facebook operate on a fundamentally different level than communication tools like voice over IP, email and instant messaging. Challenges like anonymity, the security of sensitive data and having the right skills to provide support on these very specific platforms can cause social media support to fail in any business.

    In order to achieve success with customer support efforts directed through social media, Frost & Sullivan suggests that call center deploy a dedicated team for these specific solutions. These agents would have the necessary skills to collaborate with customers over Twitter or Facebook, and handle the unique issues that these communication portals pose.

    Simply because social media introduces new and unusual problems for customer support does not mean it cannot be successful and improve consumer satisfaction.