Contact centers and call centers bloom in Kansas City and Reno

    Because technology allows for contact and call centers to be positioned anywhere in the world, there are opportunities for communities to capitalize on the development of customer service centers in their local areas.

    In Kansas City, thousands of people are making their livelihood in contact centers, where the market for customer service is blooming, according to The Kansas City Star.

    Experts cite Kansas City as a perfect location for contact centers due to it's central time zone, neutral accent and relatively low cost of living.

    "Even if you operate in the best ZIP code in town, the cost of real estate and labor is typically lower here than in many other major U.S. markets," Shawn Hoy, manager of a pharmacy service center, told The Kansas City Star. "It’s cost-effective to have a contact center here."

    Just because the cost of living is low does not mean that customer service jobs are low-paying, however. Because call centers have grown into contact centers that require more advanced skill sets, some jobs can offer very large salaries, reported the news source.

    The Kansas City area is not the only U.S. location benefitting from contact center jobs. One Contact, Inc. will develop its service support center in Reno, Nevada. Salaries will range from $25,000 to $60,000, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. The support center expects to hire 200 employees.

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