Contact centers to improve with VoIP services

    Many companies with extensive customer service offerings rely on in-house or outsourced contact centers to manage relationships. These contact centers can improve their methods of communication by integrating VoIP services and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions into a broader unified communications (UC) solution. According to 1to1media, contact centers are centers of innovation, especially when it comes to different mediums and advancements in communication.

    Contact centers are privy to customer opinions and reactions to products, services, promotions and other consumer-reaching activity. Agents and representatives need to be more in tune with what customers desire than other branches of the company. If these employees are provided with advanced VoIP solutions, they will better glean information from customers.

    Improvements in CRM and contact centers

    Jon Ferrara, CEO and founder of a CRM vendor, told Forbes that CRM and contact centers have come a long way since their inception, but contact managers and representatives have always been valued.

    "If you think about it, contact managers are what empowered and enchanted the line-level business people. It enabled them to build relationships and work as a team through those relationships," Ferrara told Forbes. "But management was fearful. They were fearful that salespeople would walk out the door with the contacts. They were fearful that the salesperson wouldn’t do what they were supposed to do. They didn’t trust them. And they wanted a pipeline forecast [so] they can figure out future growth. So CRM was then invented."

    Improving services for contact centers and the people who man them isn't the only reason that VoIP is a good idea. According to Dave Thomas, a Business 2 Community contributor, VoIP services may provide businesses with sufficient cost savings. Although VoIP is widely known as a money-saving solution, it's important that managers assess a number of factors before deploying new systems. For example, it's important that network capacity and bandwidth can support VoIP services. It's also essential to choose between an on-site and a hosted service, reported Thomas.

    Resource Nation offered several tips to those considering switching over to VoIP. IT decision-makers can take a number of steps to ensure that VoIP services will be an effective replacement for traditional services. It's important that IT departments take the steps to purchase VoIP routers, check out internet connections and make sure there is no mis-wiring in the office.

    Bettering business communications

    Enhanced communications can significantly improve business relationships through advanced features such as video conferencing, voice mail, UC integration, CRM and more. VoIP services can easily be integrated into greater communication schemes, benefiting employees through the bettering of channels.

    VoIP can offer cost savings in contact centers, but more importantly it can streamline technologies within a business to make communication more effective and improve relationships with clients, customers, partners and colleagues.