Contact Centers Need To Utilize Collected Data


    With so much newly-discovered data being leveraged by businesses, it only makes sense that some of it comes from - and can be best utilized by - the contact center. 

    The kinds of information that can be measured in contact centers has come a long way from just recording average call times. According to TechTarget contributor Aaron Lester, organizations are paying more attention than ever to performances and the metrics that determine them. Businesses are seeking the tools that will help them retain a competitive edge.

    Not only should these tools be universally sought by companies, but the growing need for improved customer service is causing the client bases themselves to demand these advancements, whether they know it or not. As it becomes easier to make connections with people, more businesses are seeking out unified communications solutions to keep up with their customers. The kinds of metric utilization that has to occur in the contact center can only be achieved through proper UC deployment.

    Companies that do not properly apply metrics are missing out on a major customer service tool which can ultimately drive business down. Organizations who have not properly integrated the information at their disposal should explore solutions immediately.

    Metrics Can Save Businesses

    Chances are that most people have had a negative experience with an organization they have dealt with. Some have probably been so bad that the company in question has lost that customer as a result. According to KISSmetrics, 71 percent of customers have withdrawn their patronage from a business as a result of poor customer service. Of that number, 68 percent left because they did not like how they were being treated.

    It is safe to say that many of those instances were not the result of a rude representative, but of a poorly designed contact center. To avoid situations where a customer may take their business elsewhere, companies need to make sure that their staff has the right tools in order to succeed, and that includes the right data integration software. By putting all relevant information and channels of communication in one streamlined location, call center employees can be better equipped to handle numerous inquiries with ease.

    Customer care should not be taken lightly. Unifying networks and data to be used more efficiently is crucial to businesses that wish to retain relevance in today's enterprise climate.




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