Contact centers should embrace mobility

    The future of the contact center industry lies in mobility and adaptability. In an article at Telecom Reseller UC Networks, marketing executive Kristen Jacobsen suggest that, if contact centers embrace mobility solutions such as VoIP or cloud communications services, they may be able to increase the productivity of managers and agents. Additionally, they may also increase employee happiness - leading to higher retention and quality service. However, if these careers are viewed monolithically, mobility may never be achieved.

    According to Jacobsen, it is much easier to implement solutions by addressing various worker tasks as independent activities that mesh together to make up the job. By doing so, a service agent position gains not only mobility, but also far more options, including the ability to work remotely and carry work over from one location to another. Employees can take their work home on a busy day, for example, rather than stay late at the office.

    The productivity benefits of giving workers more options, like teleworking, have been heavily documented before. Employees have reported being much happier with their jobs, and according to Credit Donkey, over 66 percent of employers have reported seeing increased productivity in agents that they allow to work from home.

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