Contact Centers Without Walls

    For years, medium size businesses and enterprises had two separate phone systems. Employees that were responsible for sales or customer service got their own special Call Center System, while the rest of the business had various simple PBX, or private branch exchange systems. Rarely did the two meet, so IT and telecom departments found themselves supporting two separate systems. Why? Because call centers are special and they need much more out of their voice system than knowledge workers. The need to report on and manage metrics such as abandon rate, time to abandon, speed to answer, talk time, and service level has driven this divergence.

    What would happen if you could put everyone on one system, with calls flowing seamlessly from call center agents to the rest of your company during peak times? What would happen if you could bring queuing, quality analysis, and call center style reporting to groups that don’t consider themselves call centers? What would happen if you didn’t have to buy, upgrade, connect, maintain, debug, and otherwise manage the infrastructure for two separate islands of technology?

    M5’s customers are finding out the answers to these questions. VoIP has become a tornado of innovation for both analytics and contact centers. With the release of M5 Callfinity Contact Center, we’ve completed the integration of Callfinity – a company we purchased back in April 2011 – with our market-leading enterprise managed VoIP service. As we work with our customers and help them track their progress, we’ll report back on the success stories we see by tearing down the walls between their contact centers and the rest of their employees. Stay tuned!