Context-based computing can help improve CRM

    One of the biggest problems that a contact center faces on a daily basis is the organization and analysis of caller data. However, according to IT World Canada, context-based computing may help solve this problem with anticipatory discovery.

    Customer relationship management is one of the best ways to improve the quality of customer service while increasing productivity, so any attempt to improve these solutions is a benefit to a business. According to the news source, context-based computing automatically gathers relevant data on a caller for the employee, speeding up CRM time and helping improve the service that the agent offers the customer.

    These benefits translate to other aspects of business as well. A professional can have the system collect the data that he or she needs for a meeting or presentation beforehand, rather than try to remember which emails and documents are relevant, and potentially forgetting vital details.

    Ultimately, integrating context-based computing with current unified communications systems can provide important benefits for any business, client-oriented or otherwise, and context-based computing does not replace CRM, but helps to increase its effectiveness in the workplace, according to the news source. Rather than adapting to a new technology, a business is simply augmenting its current systems.

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